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Jenny’s Story

We want people who do the right thing, not the easy thing. People who listen, speak up and act.

Camden is a special place.
We have a proud rebellious spirit that throughout history has seen people come together to tackle problems and bring about real social change.

We have a truly ambitious vision for our borough and our commitment to tackling inequality and poverty runs through everything we do. We take pride in being deeply connected to our communities and we have made a pledge to give everyone a voice and a stake in decisions about their lives. To do this we embrace change and diversity of thinking.

We innovate, test and learn from our mistakes – and we are just as comfortable talking about our success as we are about things we haven’t got right.
We have a history of bucking the trend by investing in our communities, focusing on early intervention and prevention and what makes people strong not their weaknesses.

To respond to the unique set of challenges facing our communities we need unique people to work here.
People who share our rebellious spirit. People with empathy and compassion who want to work alongside our citizens to tackle the challenges we face. We want people who do the right thing, not the easy thing. People who listen,speak up and act.

Our people are the heart and soul of our organisation and we see them as human beings, not job titles. We want you to feel able to bring your whole self to work, to feel safe to be yourself, to feel like you belong and to feel trusted.

Could you join them and help us to make our radical ambitions a reality?

Jenny, Chief Executive

Jon’s Story

Camden’s strong purpose, sense of social justice and inclusiveness is really powerful…We’re embracing our different perspectives, and harnessing that difference.

Camden’s strong purpose, sense of social justice and inclusiveness is really powerful.
It really appealed to me. I can’t think of another organisation that puts tackling inequality so front and centre – and it’s becoming increasingly important over time. We’re encouraging people to test our assumptions and how we think about inclusivity, working out in the open, testing, failing and learning.  We need to be much more accepting towards each other. Each one of us has a story to tell.

We’re embracing our different perspectives, and harnessing that difference.
What an awesome opportunity it is to be able to knit together such an eclectic mix. The chance to create a world city is also an opportunity is tangible.  What can’t be underestimated is the scale of Camden as an organisation. Our day-to-day spend on services. Our year-on-year investments on housing and our pension plan.

Our workforce of 3,000. The constant challenge is how do we support of an organisation of this scale. How do we ensure a financially sustainable footing? How do we bridge the digital divide?

How do we do we harness that rebellious spirit?
Because of austerity, local government is often in a managed decline. But we have remained ambitious and dynamic. We’re happy to move at pace, happy to change the status quo, happy to change each other. Having a deeper, closer relationship with our communities is the reason why people feel coming here is more than just the job and getting paid.   As a leader, what you hope to create are the conditions that empower individuals.

You focus on setting the tone for the organisation to flourish and support people to be their best versions of themselves. At no time have I ever felt anything other than accepted.

I really love this organisation. What we’re doing profoundly impacts on the lives of people in this community.
What we do, what we deliver, must be through the eyes of our community. We have the potential to be a really positive influence.

I think people who work in this organization are fantastic. Committed, hard-working and talented. Experts in their fields.

Jon - Executive Director

Jon, Executive Director