About the Chief Data Officer

Data in Camden

Data is central to Camden’s future; it has the potential to unlock so much for our citizens, communities and businesses as we look to solve some of the significant issues society faces.

Camden Council strongly believes that data rights are human rights. Data is an integral part of any modern organisation; however, there are significant challenges to ensuring trust in organisations that collect, hold, and use people’s personal information. While the dangers to individual freedoms can be exploited, the possibilities and general concepts involved in data are often misunderstood. We are fostering trust through collaboration with our citizens so that they are involved in the decision-making around the data we hold about them and understand how and why it is used to improve service delivery, policy decisions and their experience with the Council.

About the role

Reporting to the CDIO, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for implementing and evolving our data strategy, ensuring successful delivery of critical high-profile data projects, building data capability, and ensuring the data-led perspective is at the heart of improving our systems and delivering insights. Our new CDO must be an experienced data leader with a strong background in data management who can build strong relationships across the organisation and is able to work in a highly networked way. The role encompasses implementing data strategy, growing data governance, continuing our data research and MDM platform development, working with the services on process realignment, senior stakeholder management, and developing skills and culture.