About us

About Camden

Camden has a proud, rebellious spirit that throughout its history has seen communities come together to tackle problems and bring about real social change.

We’re willing to be bold and try new things in the process.

In We Make Camden we’ve set out some ambitious and long-term goals for the change that we think is needed across the borough. These include four big and bold ‘missions’ that look to address some of the inequalities and disparity that exists across Camden. Seeking to eradicate them between now and 2030.

Group of kids in a skate park

Camden Missions

These ‘missions’ and our wider priorities, will need us to look beyond what we can do as a council; and find ways to collaborate and partner to drive a borough wide response. Bringing together residents, communities, local voluntary and community organisations and businesses to think and act creatively in response to some of the challenges ahead of us. 

This means working together to spot opportunities to develop new ideas and responses to some of these challenges. As well as give more support and profile to things that are already happening and working. 

Our mission-led approach provides us a structure to achieve some of these goals set out in We Make Camden.

Working together to achieve our vision for the borough and to make sure that Camden is somewhere everyone can thrive and is the best place to live, work, study and visit.